25 February 2022 |

Technology that saves the World


All the inventions of mankind have helped solving all the crisis that men has gone through till date, either protecting him from his enemies, or helping him to act faster and better to maintain health and life. There has been an incredible acceleration in innovative technology and deployment over the last few decades. The current convergence of these technologies is really transforming our future.

It is obvious that Internet and computers are changing our lives every day and improving our efficiency, in other words almost fast tracking our lives. We can never look back to an era where technology wasn't this powerful as it is now. Our lives today are firmly entrenched in technology. Technology affects the way individuals communicate, think and learn. Technology provides us with a lot of educational content, which is fast and freely accessible by everyone. Moreover We all had seen the huge role played by technology in getting our daily lives back to normal during this Covid-19 pandemic. It is only because of technology, students were able to learn remotely and people were able to work from home at unprecedented rate. Also the Whole genome sequencing enabled by super computing has promoted collaboration and helped providing Vaccine in record time.

Technology is creating opportunities in emerging markets around the world to involve more people in the global economy. It is making a big difference in the way companies and countries organize production, trade goods, capital investment and develop new products and processes.

Now more than ever, the advent of new technology has the potential to transform environmental protection.

Whether it is climate change, air pollution, plastic pollution, food security or whatever be theĀ  existential threats that the world is facing today, Technology is considered to be the only one solution that may actually help. For example, Sustainable farming aims to recapture carbon and reverse global warming.

Public electric transport, Electric trucks, Cheap energy storage, Long-term storage, Plastic recycling, LED light efficiency, Accessible solar power these are the major technological innovations that improves sustainable development.

Several technologies, such as 3D printing, nanotechnology, data analytics, block chain, and AI, have huge impact on almost all sectors in the world.

blockchain systems enables electricity sharing, renewable energy-powered block chain computing facilities. The latest tech advancements are regularly being incorporated into wildlife conservation initiatives. These are achieved through drone tracking, data and digital mapping etc. 'Wildfire' being another major concern can also be easily detected using network extensions, sensors and edge computing equipment.

So in a sense technology is capable of tackling most of the issues that threaten the world. Our daily lives have improved significantly after the invention of technology. People are more connected with each other in personal relationships, business activities and education.

Although there is much to be developed and improved, but everything that has been invented so far will surely shed light on future generations. And technological advances are likely to continue to change our lives, especially as AI technology takes over the world.

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