21 April 2021 |

Why Flutter is so popular in 2021?


The most common challenge faced by any developer while making an application is to build an application that is compatible with different screen sizes and operating systems. As cross-platform languages have radically changed the software development system.

Among the numerous cross-platform languages, flutter has gained considerable recognition as compared to its counterparts. The apps built on flutter use Dart. Dart is basically a programming language that is object-oriented and open source. It is built by Google. Flutter is just not a framework but an overall complete SDK to build apps.

What is Flutter?

A Flutter is a google built UI software development kit with the help of which you can develop applications for various platforms. Using just one codebase, applications for Android, Mac, Linux, web, ios and Google Fuchsia can be developed.


The best part about Flutter is that with a single codebase you can create apps for various platforms. There is no need to write new code for every platform. Moreover, UI works the same on both Android and iOS. This makes the task easy for Flutter developers as they don’t have to juggle with the styling problems related to each platform. The other thing that sets Flutter apart from others is easy to market and live to reload.

What makes Flutter the future of Cross-Platform?

Experts are of the opinion that Flutter has a flourishing future in cross-platform mobile app development. Listed below are the various reasons why flutter has become a name in the market.

1. Simple Setup

As discussed above Flutter is built by Google so the Google’s design team fully supports it. As a result, the overall process of app development becomes easy. There is extensive documentation along with it which is of great help to the developers to initialize the project. This documentation further helps the developers to solve the problems and challenges encountered during the project.

2. Single codebase

With a single codebase, Flutter can get the work done on any web app, iOS, and even an android. The job of all the cross-platforms is the same but Flutter makes the overall process easy and result-oriented. The Flutter custom Widgets also make the prototypes easy. With the help of Flutter, google can create Ambient Computing. The ideas that the apps created with Flutter can access on any device free of cost.

3. Coding and app testing

With the presence of a single codebase, the development process is very efficient. This feature also speeds up the process of development. The testing process is also quite simple. With the quality assurance process, the features and functionality of the cross-platform app can be checked.

4. Use of widgets

Widgets are very important for the app interface. The apps integrated with Flutter have numerous widgets like fonts, navigation, etc. which can be used as per requirement. Flutter is user-friendly and offers a better experience as compared to others.

5. Budget-friendly app development

Usually building a native app is an expensive affair for start-ups. This is because different codes need to be written for developing applications for the operating system. On the other hand, Flutter requires only a single codebase to create applications that can work efficiently on any platform. This makes the development process budget-friendly and reduces maintenance costs.

Key features of Flutter

1. Open – Source:

One of the noteworthy features about Flutter is that it is an open-source language. Whatever may be the complexity of the project, the developers can easily create the app because Flutter is open source. Numerous design options are available when the app is developed with Flutter.

3. Backed by advanced API:

The framework of flutter is supported by advanced API. Due to this fast, clean, and smooth app animations can be built.

3. Easily integrate with the old app

Flutter can easily be embedded in the existing app. This allows the integration of the new UI in the old app.

4. Serverless and scalable apps

Flutter allows the developers to use google’s firebase support as a backend. Due to this serverless and scalable apps can be made.

Why Flutter is the best option for Start-up Mobile App Development?

Undoubtedly Flutter is the best option for start-ups. The best part about Flutter is that it uses the in-house dart language of google. It also offers the best widget designs with which start-ups can build applications at the best prices.

Listed below are few reasons for startups to choose Flutter

  • With Flutter, developers can make apps for both Android and iOS. As Flutter is using a single codebase this allows start-ups to save huge on the cost of development services.
  • Flutter can work on many interfaces because of portable GPU rendering UI.
  • With the Hot Reload Feature, the development process is increased and developers can also note all the real-time changes in coding.
  • Visual Studio Code, Xcode, and Android Code are supported by flutter.
  • Due to a single codebase, the Flutter-based app requires less testing time. Further single codebase also reduces the chances of bugs in coding.

Final note

In the competitive world of today, it is very important to make your brand stand apart from the rest of its competitors. For the new start-ups that are looking to launch their app at budget-friendly prices, Flutter is the best option that allows building apps compatible with both Android and iOS with just one codebase.

It will not be wrong to say that Flutter is the baby of Google. The potential and various features of Flutter cannot be overlooked because it enables to development of apps that can perform much better than native apps. The developers with the knowledge of languages like Java, C++, and objective should try their hand at Flutter.

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